F-Si Alloy 2017 Parts Finder

Please see below for a list of available spares for the Cannondale F-Si Alloy 2017-2019

Parts Table

Click the title or description of the part listed below. Note that some parts may be out of stock or discontinued.

      Product Code      Product Description 
    CD Headshok Bearings 2pc 
    BB30 Bearing x2 
    Headset Headshok to 1 1/8 Straight 
    Headset Jeadshok to 1.5 Straight 
    CD Flash/Scalpel/CAADX Hanger 
    Headset Integrated Headshok to Taper 
    CD Kit Cable Guide FSI Alloy 
    CD Kit Brake Mount Flat 160mm 
    CD Kit Brake Mount Flat 180mm 
    BB Si Circlips x2 
    Shim Plastic BB Si 
    Washer Wave BB Si  
    Lefty Upper Bearing Seal 58mm OD