Super Six Evo Rim 2012-2016 Parts Finder

Please see below for a list of available spares for the Cannondale Super Six Evo Rim 2012-2016

Parts Table

Click the title or description of the part listed below. Note that some parts may be not available or discontinued.

      Product Code      Product Description 
    Evo Grommets 
    Shift and Brake Grommets 
    Road Level Maxle 100x12 125mm 
    Mech Hanger 
    Chain Suck Protector Supersix 
    CD Evo Cable Guide 
    CD Kit Seatbinder Road 30.0 
    PF30 BB Cups and bearings 
    Head Tube Brake cable guide 
    CD Kit Top Cap 5mm Road 
    CD Kit guide brake S6 Evo 
    CD Evo Front Mech Hanger