Please see below for some questions that we're commonly asked:

Do you have everything on your website in stock?
We do keep good stocks of most of the products we sell. However, some of our brands are linked in with our suppliers through a stock feed. If you need an item urgently or would like to collect in-store please contact us on 0208 508 0682 to check.

How long does delivery take?
Please see our delivery information page for details.

Will my bike arrive ready to ride?
All bikes purchased will require some building before you can ride it. They are all checked in our workshop before shipping but there's still some straightforward final assembly you'll need to do. Please see below for instructions:

  • Remove the bike from the box and remove all packaging. Please make sure before going any further that the bike has not been damaged in transit.
  • Attach handlebar to stem using an allen key to make sure the bolts are correctly tightened.
  • Insert the quick release skewer into the front wheel.
  • Slot in the front wheel making sure the fork dropouts are properly aligned and tighten the quick release skewer.
  • Re-connect the front brake cable if not already fitted making sure that the brake blocks are in the correct position and that the cables are not situated so that they will restrict the movement of the forks.
  • Insert the seat post into the seat tube of your new bike and tighten the seat clamp. Please make sure that the saddle is used at an appropriate height i.e. not beyond the maximum indicated on the seatpost.
  • Screw in the pedals. Note - the pedals will be marked Left (L) and Right (R). You must make sure that you screw in the pedals on the correct side.
  • Attach reflectors to the bike where you think they will be most visible.
  • Check brakes and gears are working before you ride the bike. You may need to make some adjustments to fine tune your ride.
  • After your first ride please check all nuts and bolts are tight again. Most components have a settling in period and will require regular checking after your first few miles.
  • If you are unsure about any part of the assembly required please call us on 0208 508 0682 and a member of our workshop team will be happy to talk you through anything you need help with.