Why Choose an E-Bike?

The popularity of e-bikes is steadily on the rise, and for good reason! Here is why you should be considering joining the electric revolution! 

Your Daily Commute
Traffic? What traffic?
Sitting in standstill traffic in a car. Being packed like sardines on a bus. Late for work due to train delays and cancellations. Worry not! You’ll be cruising with a smug grin on your face as you pass your fellow commuters on an e-bike!

Feelin’ Fresh!
Get the benefits of beating the traffic and getting fitter without even breaking a sweat! Some studies argue that, for the average person, riding an e-bike can allow you to get fitter easier in comparison to riding a standard bike. The reason? If the task is easier to perform and it is more enjoyable when doing so, then chances are you’ll be choosing to do it more frequently! You won’t have to worry about fighting your way into lycra, just hop on and ride! You’ll have smiles for miles!

Getting by with a little help from your friends(motor)
Everybody loves a bit of speed, but the motor provides so much more than that! It’ll lend a helping hand with your important files, carry all your shopping in one trip (let’s be honest, we all try to do this), and flatten out those pesky hill climbs!

Fitter than Wiggins and Cavendish combined?
That’s fine! You don’t have to chop in your lighter-than-air road bike to enjoy the benefits an e-bike can bring into your life. Need to pop to shops for some groceries? Hop on to your bike and avoid the traffic and dreaded car park battle royale. Can’t carry the load of your newly purchased delicious goods on your carbon road bike? Well it’s a good thing you’ve got that nifty e-bike to ferry the goods back without even needing to peel a banana! For situations like this (and many others!), an electric urban/hybrid bike equipped with panniers and mudguards will be your best friend. Be careful though, your ‘quick errand’ may turn into something more!

Gravity is all the help I need!
We love gravity, but all great relationships have their ups and downs. Gravity should be giving you a helping, adrenaline chasing hand instead of pushing down against your ascension to the peaks. Luckily our full suspension E-MTBs have got your back! These supercharged trail blazers will get you to the peak in half the time and with double the energy, allowing you to spend more time smashing it downhill. You may find yourself enjoying the climb just as much as the descend!

They are out of my price range
Oh, but they're not! E-bikes can be a very financially attractive alternative to other forms of transport. With our finance options, like 0% interest finance, you can spread the cost of your dream e-bike! An e-bike will help roll in the savings; say goodbye to paying for unavoidable car costs like petrol, road tax, MOT and many more!

Green is the new black
It is estimated that long-term exposure to man-made air pollution in the UK has an annual effect equivalent to 28,000 to 36,000 deaths. However if there was a reduction of 1µg/m3 in fine particulate air pollution in England over the following 18 years, it could prevent 50,900 cases of coronary heart disease, 16,500 strokes, 9,300 cases of asthma, and 4,200 cases lung cancer. E-bikes are a brilliant transport alternative that helps reduce pollution and road congestion, creating a healthier and cleaner environment for everyone!