Slice 2010-2014

Please see below for a list of available spares for the Cannondale Slice 2010-2014 

Parts Table

Click the title or description of the part listed below. Note that some parts may be out of stock or discontinued.

      Product Code      Product Description 
  • KP059/
    Water Bottle Cage Mount 
  • KP060/
    Kit Seatpost Slice Aero 
  • KP061/
    Seatpost Slice Aero 
  • KP062/
    Der Hanger, Slate/BOE x12 
  • KP063/
    Cable Guide, Hydro, Road 
  • KP064/
    Axle Syntace x12 142x12mm 
  • KP065/
    Seal Upper Bearing 58mm OD 
  • KF363/
    Bearings Headset 2 
    CAAD8 Derailleur Hanger 
    35mm Brake Bolt 
    Synapse Alloy Headset 
  • KP017/
    Comp Assembly 23.6ID 
  • KF055/
    Adjuster Inline Shifter 2 
  • KA048/
    QR Skewer Trainer 130mm 
    SiBB to 68mm Adapter 
  • KF365/
    SiB/68 ADP Install Tool 
  • KF366/
    Sib Adapter Extractor 
    Dynamic Seatposr Assembly Gel 
    Kit Top CAP 5mm