Slice Aero 2015 Parts Finder

Please see below for a list of available spares for the Cannondale Slice Aero 2015 

Parts Table

Click the title or description of the part listed below. Note that some parts may be out of stock or discontinued.

      Product Code      Product Description 
  • KP059/
    Water Bottle Cage Mount 
  • KP060/
    Kit Seatpost Slice Aero 
  • KP061/
    Seatpost Slice Aero 
  • KP062/
    Der Hanger, Slate/BOE x12 
  • KP063/
    Cable Guide, Hydro, Road 
  • KP064/
    Axle Syntace x12 142x12mm 
  • KP065/
    Seal Upper Bearing 58mm OD 
  • KF363/
    Bearings Headset 2 
    CAAD8 Derailleur Hanger 
    35mm Brake Bolt 
    Synapse Alloy Headset 
  • KP017/
    Comp Assembly 23.6ID 
  • KF055/
    Adjuster Inline Shifter 2 
  • KA048/
    QR Skewer Trainer 130mm 
    SiBB to 68mm Adapter 
  • KF365/
    SiB/68 ADP Install Tool 
    Sib Adapter Extractor 
    Dynamic Seatposr Assembly Gel 
    Kit Top CAP 5mm